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Creativity in the IVF & Surrogate


We are a Chinese Agent that provide Surrogate

China Low birth Ratio & more family lost the possibility to get baby with Previous critial 1-baby law. Now the Open gate policy promote the second baby & third baby , But Most of family has no such chance to make it happen.

Illegal medical in China , Push more Chinese seek abroard legal Surrogate & IVF to get legal baby, Chinese familys are always to look for best service & price. From 2015, WKLBABY has get first Surrogate baby from BIOTEXCOM ,Then it becomes most favorated Country. Then We expand Georgia & Kazakhstan as Great Surrogate support LGBT & Asian Donor for Chinese people. Please contact us at wechat :haydonge to further known-well.


What we do

Consultancy for IVF & Surrogate in Ukrain & Georgia.

Pre-examination guide

Include Semen, Ovaries, Hormone,infectious disease,Karyotype examination to get a healthy baby

Health Care

Guarrentee to provide a healthy baby within 3years. within clinic visit , provide homecare service

IVF & Surrogate

3rd Gen IVF include PGT-A. Egg donor,Success Guarrentee Package for Surrogacy & monthly healthy check.

Legal Documentation

Birth License, DNA Paternity Testing, Baby VISA. Passport service, Apostille for Marriage & power of attorney

Our Websites

Selected what your want to know


introduce Malitta & IGR Clinic

Egg & SM

Lib for All Egg & Surroatge Mother

LGBT & Single

Introduce Innova & VitaNova clinic


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